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NTC relies on strategies and frameworks developed by activists, organizers and scholars. We prioritize:  

  • Aligning embodied organizational values with strategic frameworks

  • Recognizing discrepancies between stated organizational values and current outputs

  • Developing ways to commit resources and remain proximate to an action plan for alignment.

Some of the learnings we rely on: 

  • Nonviolent Communication - Marshall Rosenberg 

  • Liberatory Consciousness  - Dr. Barbara Love 

  • Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome - Dr. Joy DeGruy

  • Change Management and Leadership - Dr. John Kotter

Photo Credit: Ernest Hatten

Strategic planning, change management and board development.

Identifying where race and gender oppression show up in programs and creating interventions.

Recognizing differences between named values and current outputs, considering the impact of change or inaction, and aligning values with strategy.

Organizational Design

Program Evaluation

strategic values alignment

Facilitation + agenda creation

Creating space for conversations to seek feedback, find alignment, develop accountability, and transform conflict. 


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